Um… Hullo.

Oh my. How long has it been again since i last updated this blog?

alize i’ve experience a really great Not that anyone reads it but…

Well, at precisely today, i’ve figured out another piece of my life. A life yet completed.

I am feeling an array of so many different emotions in the past week and , frankly saying, it scares me. Mostly, i would appear happy (happier than usual) throughout the week. Some would definitely dismiss it as a pre-holiday mood. The good ones. But lately, after those seemingly happy days, i feel so worn down, exhausted beyond words, that i just ended up feeling crappy at home. But today, at this very fine Friday, i realized i’ve experienced a very great week.

oh you should’ve seen the beautiful colours of the classroom in the late afternoon.

oh i should’ve done it.

oh damn this surge of dopamine.





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