Cravings for Printed Words

I finished Will Grayson, Will Grayson today. It was… not as good as i hoped it would be. I mean, it’s a collaboration book between John Green and David Levithan. Now, Levithan has always been one of my favorite authors but i’ve never really read anything by Green (though i’ve heard people say he’s quite awesome). Nevertheless, i was very excited about reading the novel and had had high expectations of it and now that i’ve finished reading it, i feel a tad bit disappointed.

it’s not that the book’s really that bad, it’s just that i didn’t enjoy it very much. what interested me and made me want to read the book in the first place was the uniqueness of the plot offered in the synopsis. I mean, two teenage boys, both named Will Grayson, meet each other. Yes, that sounded very cool to me but what i feel while reading the book is that, it doesn’t talk much about the two of them, it talks more about each of them. The interactions between the two Will Graysons is kept minimum and there’s no real spark in the book. There’s Levithan’s gay-friendly story setting where being gay is (too) okay, there’s Green’s studious, eloquent main character (this fact, i have read, is apparently Green’s habit in writing his stories), and the slightly, if not completely, predictable ending. And on another important note, the book was rather dull for me.

and so i’ve gone off and begged my mom to buy me a book (exams are over for now so all is a-okay) and, i know that heading straight to another book right after you’ve finished one is said to be not a very good idea for you’re still in the last book’s universe or something like that but i am just very unimpressed by Will Grayson to-the-power-of-two, got myself The Stand by the mega-awesome Mr. Stephen King

Not my first fantasy novel, and i know i’m not the biggest fan of fantasy novels, but it talks about flu and post-apocalyptic stuff, which i have soft spots for, and i have this feeling that this time, i won’t be disappointed.

real excited though.


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