A Very Tight Place : A Story Review

Like a fragrant breather in an overly humid muck of funk, the last story in Stephen King’ short story collection, Just After Sunset, really brought me up to a much better mood.

The 2008 Short Story Collection by Stephen King, Just After Sunset

It is, for the lack of a better word, a very disgusting story. I do not suggest reading it before, during, or after eating. As disgusting as the story is, with so many human feces involved and astounding description of it all, it is such a fresh and nicely written story.

Curtis Johnson, a “faggot” who rides his bike five miles everyday, who won his million dollars from the stock market, who’s just lost his beloved dog, Betsy, who has a deal to settle with his neighbor, Grunwald alias The Motherfucker, is stuck in a porta potty and literally smothered in human shit all because of said neighbor. He got out though. He even paid his neighbor, The Motherfucker, a visit when all is done.

And if that summary of the story isn’t interesting enough, then i don’t know what is.


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