//the search for the beginning of time

Just five minutes ago, i finished watching Hawking, BBC’s 90 min. TV-Film released in 2004. The movie speaks about Stephen Hawking‘s life since he was first diagnosed with motor neurone disorder until he discovered his theory about time and, quite literally, the beginning of it.

You see, though my interests in astronomy and cosmology have been reduced quite significantly — to the point that it’s almost non-existent, i still find Mr. Hawking as one of my favorite scientist. Truly a man worth nearly every respect. And this film did nothing but made me realize it all over again.

Cumberbatch as Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking (played by Benedict Cumberbatch) in the start of the movie is 21 year old, already preparing to get his Ph.D. Unfortunately, he was diagnosed with motor neurone disorder and was told that no treatments could heal him. His parents however, decided that sending him back to Cambridge (to the Department of Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, of course) to get his Ph.D. is the best way to keep him alive, to make him be where he feels most comfortable. The decision proves to be immensely proper. There, Hawking struggles with his gradually worsening illness, with hard-headed, steady-state universe believer professors, and a love life that just seemed to sweet to be true, until he finds the theory that made Einstein beautiful

"You want to know what your son did? He made Einstein beautiful."

Imagine if you are 21, exceptionally smart, and unable to control much of your movements and was told that you would live like that forever, with no cure.

The movie depicts everything, every moment, every scene, so beautifully, i can’t help but tear up here and then.

After watching this movie, i can easily excuse Hawking for not believing in any form of deity.

If anything, i recommend you to watch this film. Now. The acting is superb. Every jerky movement, all his emotional turmoils over his illness –when the film showed him crying, frustrated of his limbs that won’t obey his brain’s orders, i was lost. Lost in all the emotions–, every tangled syllables that Mr. Hawking speaks is so greatly acted by Cumberbatch, and he looks so much like Hawking, it’s crazy! The way the film depicts Hawking’s father, Frank Hawking (played by Adam Godley), is just wonderful.

"I remember when Stephen was eight, we went out in the yard with the telescope to see the stars and he asked 
me, 'Where did the stars come from?'. He desperately wanted to know the answer, but you insisted on putting 
him to bed, so i told him, 'Don't worry, I'll find out for you.'. But i never did"

"Frank, you were never a sentimental person. You were never a sentimental person, and you cannot afford to 
be one now. You have to carry on. To live on and carry on, for him."

I really love how in the movie, they inserted clips of an interview with Arno Penzias and Robert Wilson who invented the Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation, a device that catches the left-over radiations of the big bang which in turn, supports Hawking’s theory that the big bang really did start the universe. For those who are not familiar with the history of how the big bang theory became publicly accepted as the theory of how the universe began, may be confused as to how the interview with Penzias and Wilson has anything to do with the film, with Hawking. No worries though. All makes sense at the end of the film, and a wonderful end at that.

A really inspiring film. Now i wonder why i hadn’t discover the movie a bit earlier.

"We are very, very small, but we are profoundly capable of very, very big things."


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