August Rush

So, today was not a terribly jolly day. Though sometime in the midst of brooding over in tumblr, i came across a “Freddie Highmore Appreciation” post or some sort and i remembered, this dude played August Rush. The last time i watched that movie was probably four years ago and as far as i can remember, it was a magnificent movie. So, i decided to watch it again. Here’s what happened,

you can watch it here if you want to

Okay, I admit my eleven year-old self was tremendously astonished by the beauty that was this movie. Now, I can’t help but wonder, can this movie just get any cheesier? 

I’m not sure if the movie really is cheesy and that me, four years ago, was stupid, or if I’ve just gone particularly senile and over-reasoned over stuff like these. Hah.

So, the movie is actually nice to look at, the songs are very beautiful, i have to admit. I especially love the song played when August first touched Roxy, and also the duet played between August and his father –now this part is just cheesy to the max but i can excuse it because the song blew my mind. Some other songs in the movie are beautiful too, but, the way the people play the music instrument most of the time does not go along to how the song goes. I mean, when August first played Arthur’s guitar, Roxy, the sound of strumming can still be heard yet August was using both of his hands to shred. Hah. Many scenes such as these occur throughout the movie. Also, scenes like when he met the piano girl for the first time. I mean, how did he just magically knows the rules of composing and notes after what little info the little girl told him about… notes?!

Oh yes he’s supposed to be a genius but,


Oh, and the ending. God don’t even make me start on the ending. It’ssocheesymicewasallovermyfeetwheniwatchedit.

Okay so maybe not.

On the subject of casting though, Freddie Highmore is definitely a perfect fit. He knows how to act like a real freak. His expressions seem very natural, like he’s not acting at all. And i especially love the way he speaks throughout the movie.

Some lines in the movie struck me well too though. Like these lines between August and Wizard,

"Where do you want to be? I mean, close your eyes. In the whole world, where do you want to be?"

Yeah. All in all, it’s not exactly my kind of movie. Nope, nu-uh-uh. Most people would enjoy it though. I guess most would call this a great movie but whatever. I suppose watching the movie just kind of expressed the difference between past-me and present-me. A difference between an expanse of time less than half a decade.



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