//the cat that walked with four hands

20111227-033612 PM.jpg


Why, hullo, Master

Take that! No thread shall win over me!

Master! Master! Where are you going! I shall follow your footsteps and making it hard for you to walk!

Is. That. A. Mouse.

That’s my tail! I gotta catch my tail where’s my tail where did it go stop you tail i command you to stop i shall catch you now!

I smell fish.

Master! Do you bring food? Huh? Huh? Huh? Where’s the food? What’s that? You want me to shut up and stand still for awhile? Well, Master, I. Want. Food.


I need a bath. I shall wash my rump in front of my master

What’s this? You’re writing, Master? I shall sit on your writing pad then! Though i prefer lying on your keyboard…

I want to pee.

Oh dear me i need to poop

Sleepy time.

Master isn’t awake yet? Master! Master! Wake up where’s my food look the sun is up let’s play with the ball Master! Wake up!

Oh! Laser pointerffgsjahdajsj.



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