Blue Blood


Blue Blood is the first song in Foals’ second full-length studio album, Total Life Forever.

None of the band members ever explained what the meaning behind the song really is. It has a very grave feeling to it, with smartly constructed beats and a pleasant version of Mr. Philippakis’ voice. The lyrics speak with an equally grave feeling, albeit a little confusing.


Bite my nails to the quick

and run back home

To where i belong

where i was born

Those were the lines showed as a preview in Total Life Forever‘s website. It doesn’t make much of a sense at first but when i first saw it, i can’t help but feel the desperation and the lost feeling that oozes out of those lines, and when i first heard the full song, all let loose.

I was brimming with emotion just by hearing the song.

It’s notes feel like a long-lost friend to me, it’s lyrics sound like litany.

While others are incredibly moved by Spanish Sahara when talking about the album, i was moved by Blue Blood instead.

And then they released the video for it. All i could think of when i saw the video for the first time was how much i want to hug the kid. and walter too but really, i have an urge to hug him every time i see him

Perhaps, the very reason that i feel a lot of… feeling when listening to the seemingly lost song is because i, too, am lost myself.


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