I am as sick as a dog

20111214-071152 PM.jpg

no wait srsly i’ve got this pounding headache it’s splitting my cranium apart.


so tis is an excuse to ramble. my head hurts, my skin is clammy and i feel feverish and mom is making me sleep all day. so i’m gonna ramble.


i didn’t have to do a remedial test or whatever on any of my science subjects. i should be proud but really, i’m weary about this.


oh last sunday i saw this pair of pants i really wanted but mom wouldn’t buy it for me because it’s to manry. i really wanted those pants. i still do.


i saw her this morning. oh, i still think she’s awesome. she’s like reaaaaaaaaaaally awesome. and i’m lame. that’s why we’re not together. LOLOLOLOLOLOL.


ughgugugyuksjsjags TAT


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