Lion’s Mane!

i actually finished all seven of them.

after years of wanting to finish them all, i actually re-read LWW and Prince Caspian and read the rest of the five books in three days.

phew! quite an achievement for me who can’t quite sit still for too long even when the books are terribly exciting.

I’d have to say my favorite(s) of the series are Prince Caspian and The Last Battle.

The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe is an excellent introduction to the Pevensie siblings and Narnia herself. The movie does justice to it, i guess. I remember being 9 or 10 year old and all bright eyed while watching the really cool 2005 movie. Though now that i can compare it, the 1988 series is better LOL. Prince Caspian has very engaging adventures and i really, really, really love the way master C.S. Lewis describes everyone in this book. I mean, the disney movie of it ruins it, really. Peter was a lot more noble in the PC book than in the movie and everybody else was cooler in the book than in the movie and there were unnecessary scenes and add-ons but blablabla. The Voyage of The Dawn Trader is awfully awesome. Sea-serpents and all. The movie sucks to the core. The Silver Chair is charming because there’s Jill Pole and Jill Pole is charming and i love her, really. Now, The Horse and His Boy is sort of funny to me, though i kinda feel it was sort of like a filler(?).  The Magician’s Nephew is just really sweet. And The Last Battle.

The Last Battle.

I just finished reading it.

Cried buckets.

“Peter, High King of Narnia,” said Aslan. “Shut the Door.”



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